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Can I make a student tuition payment on this site?

No. This site is intended for external customers paying invoices generated from the University of Minnesota’s central billing system. This site is not intended for payments related to student tuition. For instructions on paying student tuition, students should access their MyU page, and view the My Finances tab. If you still have questions, contact the Student One Stop Services team for your campus.

Why do I have to re-enter my payment card number every time I pay an invoice? Can’t you store my card number?

For security reasons we do not store payment card information at this time. To use this card for future payments you will be asked to re-enter the information.

I didn’t get my receipt upon making payment at this site. Can I still get a copy for my records?

If you were unable to print or email your receipt for a payment card transaction at this site, please call Accounts Receivable Services at (612) 625-2392. We will confirm your payment and make sure you receive a receipt as soon as possible.

I paid my invoice but it is still open, why?

Payment Card payments made at are processed in our financial system overnight. If you check your account the following day you will see that invoices paid by payment card the previous day are closed.

I attempted to pay an invoice with my organization’s purchasing card but was declined, why?

Purchasing (or Procurement) Cards are typically set up to allow payments only to certain vendor types.  This is determined by your company or organization.  If payment is attempted with a vendor whose type is not on the list the transaction will be declined.  The University of Minnesota is set-up with a Merchant Category Code (MCC) of 8220 Colleges, Universities. Contact your Purchasing Card department to ensure that this code is not blocked. 

Why can’t I pay all of my open invoices online?

Currently, not all University of Minnesota departments are allowing payment of their invoices via payment card. Additionally, University departments have the ability to place a limit on the size of the invoice that can be paid via payment card. Most likely one or the other of these reasons are preventing you from accessing all of your open invoices.

Can I make a partial payment with my payment card online?

At present, we only accept full payment via our on-line payment process. If you would like to make a partial payment, please call Accounts Receivable Services at (612) 625-2392.

Why are there additional invoices listed as being available to pay? Not all of these belong to me.

Our system accesses all invoices for your organization from all University of Minnesota departments when compiling the list of invoices that are available to pay by payment card. Those not belonging to you are most likely the responsibility of another person within your organization.

Other questions

If you have questions regarding your payment options please contact University of Minnesota Accounts Receivable Services at 612-625-2392 or


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